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Having a dog in my life has brought lots of extra hobbies and activities, from going on long walks to participating in dog shows and even creating fun videos! Plus, my beloved corgi, Bandit (who lives up to his name as a little mischief-maker but is undeniably adorable), played a key role in kickstarting a successful and exciting pet project.

This adventure began during the quarantine when I found myself searching for indoor activities to keep my furry friend entertained. Those searches eventually led to the birth of – a brand specializing in educational wooden toys for dogs. Since 2019, we’ve crafted a diverse range of toys designed to teach pets how to push, search, pull, challenge their brains, and have a blast while doing it. Not only do these toys provide hours of enjoyment for our four-legged pals, but they also strengthen the bond between pet owners and their furry companions.
My partner and I have worked together to create every aspect of, including the logo design, website content, packaging, and toy concepts. Our cheerful brand logo has become easily recognizable, and our toys have been a hit, selling hundreds of copies in Ukraine. Not bad for what started as a fun hobby, right?

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More project content can be found here – link.

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